SIPWebPhone Guide

Welcome to the SIPWebPhone for WordPress How-To Guide


The XeniaLab SIPWebPhone aims to be a new Communication Experience in the Open WordPress Extensions. With this plugin you can enhance the usage of your Web Site WordPress CMS based.

Your website will be integrated with a webphone flash based so every user browsing on the web site will be able to place  VoIP based phone calls. They will have nothing to install ! No complex softphone clients, no activex or java support etc… at all !

The Xenialab WordPress Phone Plugin is SIP standard based so it can be integrated with the most SIP Proxy/Registars/PBX available in the market. We have especially tested it using an Asterisk(TM) platform on our Servers, so we are glad to provide you some demo best effort features included with the basic plugin installation.


1. No needs to install any phone client
2. Route the calls from your Web Site wherever your want
(…all the incoming calls to your company extension,
your IVR or even your home or mobile phones)
3. Simple Autoinstall plugin for WordPress
4. Connect all the Web phones of your web sites through IP
5. Ask us for support or customization layout


Once you have installed the Plugin (see installation procedure below) you will already be able to listen to our demo IVR and to place some internal community calls.

Of course you could also use the SIP account of a VoIP provider in order to allow external calls.


1. After the first page refresh, if you have configured all the installation required parameters, you should see the Ready State on the SIPWebPhone.

2. Please verify your computer audio devices (speakers and microphones) are properly working.

3. Just dial the extension 300 on the keypad and press the Green Button. You will ear the voice message and you will have just to press the IVR selections (1,2 or 3…) in order to perform the desired action.

multisites2Internal Community Calls

If you manage more WordPress web sites or one WordPress MU multiBlogs platform, or you simply want to connect your web site with the one of your friend, the SIPWebPhone Plugin is able to extend your WordPress web sites in order to became a Unified Communication Workspace.

Basically you just have to install the Plugin on both web sites (or each Blog inside your WPMU) ad you will be able to call each other.

PRO enhancement

Do you want to extend your internal communities to more then two web phones ?

Would you like to integrate the Plugin in your internal SIP VoIP Infrastruscture ?

Would you like to customize the Skin Look and Feel of the SIPWebPhone with your logos and other shapes ?

Do you have any special support enquiries ?

Please just contact us and we will be glad to offer you the best support !

Installation Steps

1. Download the Plugin, unzip and place the entire unzipped directory in our WordPress wp-content/plugin directory.

2. Go to the WP Plugin Management and Activate it

3. A new section SIPWebPhone will appear on the left WordPress bar. Click over it !


4. Configure the section parameters as illustrated below and click on Update Options

5. Now let’s go on the WordPress WIDGET section (under the Appearance menù), select the SIPphoneWeb new available Widget and place it inside your WordPress Layout at your convenience


6. Enjoy the Xenialab SIPWebPhone WordPress Plugin experience !

Our support team is always glad to receive your suggestions and comments. Please Register to post us your comments !